Tips For Shopping For Popular Garden Furniture Pieces

Published on: Sep 23 2013

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When choosing furniture for your garden there are a number of factors to consider. Firstly, it is important to choose furniture that is suitable for purpose. Do you regularly have guests to visit in the summer time? Where do they sit? Is the furniture just for your household? Secondly, weather conditions are an important consideration. In the UK, the weather is well known for being somewhat unpredictable so you may want to look out for durable furniture that isn’t easily damaged by the damp.

Woven garden furniture

Woven garden furniture has grown in popularity over recent years due to the fact that it looks so similar to wicker and wood yet the material is low maintenance. Manufacturers are now creating woven furniture with an incredibly natural looking finish, giving the appearance of wood or wicker but with additional durability. Woven furniture can be left outdoors throughout the year without any fear of rust. Look out for woven furniture that is suitable for all weather conditions, including the sunshine. UV light is known to damage certain materials, so look out for an all-weather product.

Stylish bistro style garden furniture

Those who want an element of “vintage” style or “bistro” chic in their garden tend to go for ornate metal furniture. Modern metal garden furniture is generally low maintenance and long lasting. Stylish metal furniture can really impact the overall look of your garden. Avoid going for second hand metal furniture made from cast iron, you will find that this needs to be regularly painting when rust appears. Most modern metal furniture is aluminium or stainless steel.

Teak garden furniture

If you’re going for a traditional look in your garden, you may be interested in teak furniture. Teak garden furniture is associated with a countryside garden. The material is well known for being durable as it is not affected by the sun, damp or frost. Some suppliers sell teak furniture with wood still in its natural state, so you may find that small hairline cracks appear in the wood and that the colours slightly change, but this does not affect the longevity of the furniture, it simply adds character.

Garden benches

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Garden benches are a staple piece of garden furniture. By selecting a beautiful garden bench, you can add elegance to your garden. Garden benches should be strategically placed in locations with a great view. An ideal spot for a garden bench is in an area that gets an even balance of sunshine and shade. For a super stylish garden bench, you may want to opt for a metal bench that is decorated with curves and patterns. If you’re going for the rustic look in your garden, a wooden bench may be ideal.


Daybeds are an incredibly comfortable and luxurious addition to any garden. Daybeds can be as comfortable as a standard bed, making them the ideal place to have a sit down on a sunny day. Day beds are relatively large so you can easily squeeze the family in.

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