Three Fast Ways To Give Your Home A Facelift

Published on: Sep 23 2013

Your abode may be looking a little tired around the edges but you don’t need to start steaming off wallpaper and ripping out floors! You can give your home a fast facelift with very little hassle in one of these three great ways.

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1. De-Cluttering

Believe it or not getting rid of all the junk you don’t want, lightening the load for your furniture and rearranging it can make your rooms feel completely brand new. You can even add another dimension to the difference by incorporating new soft furnishings.

Once you’ve de-cluttered you can make the most of the things you keep by displaying them in pride of place. A tidy and ordered bookcase that’s not overrun with novels is the ideal place to show off some favourite ornaments or vases.

You can even make a few pennies to buy more curious objects by selling off some of your unwanted items. Either sell your wares through an online auction or be realises and book a table at a car boot sale.

2. Professional Carpet Cleaning

You’d be amazed just how dirty carpets get over time, but because the dirt builds up evenly and gradually, by the time yours is looking grimy it’s hard to remember how it looked brand new. If you want to return your carpets to their original state the only way to do so is with professional carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaners use special equipment like powerful steam cleaners to effectively suck the dirt from your floors.

Once you’ve seen the difference between a clean and unclean section of carpets you’ll be amazed at just how much dirt there was! When your carpets have been professionally cleaned you’ll find that all of your rooms seem lighter and brighter and smell fresher – especially if you’ve got pets.

Professional cleaners can use specialist kit to clean all your furniture and soft furnishings too, which is ideal if you’ve got a fabric sofa and curtains, but you can even ask them to give your cushions a once over too.

3. Lick of Paint

It may require the most effort but a paint job will also afford you the most impressive results. But painting walls doesn’t have to be a huge chore or make a massive mess. These days you can buy paint for pretty much every purpose. For example you can find paint designed to smooth out rough walls, fill in hairline cracks, reflect light, cover wallpaper or work on all types of surface such as tiles or vinyl.

Although you may not get the most perfect finish possible, when you want to make a drastic change in super quick time then painting is the ideal solution. If you’ve got plain walls at present, you can make a massive difference by papering one wall in the room to make a stand out feature.

Or if your walls are in good condition, you could try painting your woodwork in a bright and bold colour to add more interest to your rooms, or even stripping your skirting boards, window frames and doors back to bare wood for a warm and natural effect.

Natalia Nicholson is a cleaner by trade and set up Essex County Cleaners several years ago to cater for the domestic and commercial cleaning market in the local area. She and her team love dishing out advice for homeowners who are struggling to keep their properties in top shape.

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