The Perfect Bedroom In 8 Easy Steps

Published on: Oct 07 2013

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-Flooring. Wooden, carpet or exposed floorboards? If possible, exposed floorboards are a good idea as they will create a natural ‘vintage’ look. If you go for floorboards or wooden flooring, a contemporary rug will add a ‘homely’ touch and create a nice juxtaposition between vintage and modern.

- Bed. Yep, this early. It’s pretty much the most important part of the room, so finding the right bed early on will make it much easier to create the rest of your room. The bed should be the focal point of the room, but doesn’t necessarily have to be particularly ‘fancy’ or over-designed. A simple, linear bed will help to set the tone to a minimalistic contemporary bedroom.

- Accent Walls. When a interior technique becomes really popular, there’s always the risk that it will start to become predictable and clichéd. This is the dilemma when it comes to a ‘feature’ or ‘accent’ wall in the bedroom. Although an admittedly attractive trend, accent walls have become predictable and are on the verge of becoming  a bit ‘yesterday’. Try to put your own twist on it with an unusual wallpaper or subtle paint colour.

- Bedsides. Bedside tables are one of the biggest ‘Feng Shui satisfiers’ you’re going to find. They give the room balance, prevent wasted space and provide a little bit of functional storage. Having bedside tables/nightstands which match your bed will help the room to flow, but it isn’t a necessity. Simply make sure that the style and colours are complementary. Last but not least, make sure they aren’t cluttered!

- Bedding. Re-decorating your bedroom is always a good excuse for new bedding. Your bed will be one of the largest surfaces in the room, so go for subtle colours which won’t overpower the room. Decorative blankets and scatter cushions are a nice way to add style and comfort, but don’t go mad. It won’t be long before you can’t be bothered to put all the cushions back every morning!

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-Clothes Storage. Every room offers different possibilities, but there is one constant principle: don’t have any clothes on show. If all of your clothes are stored in cupboards and drawers, it will remove any disruptions in the flow of the room and make for a far more relaxing atmosphere.

-Mirrors. We’ve all had to get ready for work whilst awkwardly contorting our body to line up with a tiny little mirror, right? Well those days are over! A full length mirror is an absolute ‘must’ for your new bedroom. You can go for the popular ‘shabby-chic’ style mirror without breaking the bank. Just try your local antique dealer/flea market and distress the mirror frame yourself! The frame adds character to the room, whereas the mirror helps to create a sense of light and space, and can help to make a small bedroom feel larger.

-Art. Wall art is one of the best ways to separate your bedroom from the bedroom in a show home or interiors magazine. Find something which really means a lot to you as it will really help to create a connection between you and the space around you. If art isn’t really your thing, you can get digital photos printed on to canvas for next to nothing these days.

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