Laminate or Hardwood Flooring

Published on: Jun 07 2014

About its advantages every person in the construction market trader can say.

Cash registers in home improvement stores punch a day for several hundred packs of laminate, it is now the most common material for flooring.

Cheapness and ease of installation, we forget about the parent flooring – hardwood.

A warmer hardwood flooring, natural wood with a unique pattern of it and breathes home comforts.

Not only hardwood floor have good soundproof, it also can be restored, flooring can withstand up to 4 varnish and polishing.

With proper care hardwood floor will serve long, up to 25 years, caring for them is not very complicated – damp cloth and vacuum cleaner. But natural flooring material affectionate – fears humidity, temperature differences, sharp studs, mud and sand.

Hardwood floor and laminate fairly easy to install, but under the hardwood floor completely have to be smooth.

Another advantage compared with laminate, hardwood flooring is antistatic. While laminate, more sonorous and cool may need a special underlayment.

In terms of price, of course, loses laminate flooring. But the price of flooring consists of totality component – the size of the board, decorative layer woods and tree species selection, and the price of the laminate depends on the class of multifunctional and producer countries.

Can hardwood be comparable in price with the price of laminate, even more so if you add the price of the substrate.

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