How To Make The Most Out Of A Small Home Office?

Published on: Sep 23 2013

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Consider yourself lucky if you found yourself a space in your home you can use solely for work.  If the area you found is too small for your taste, don’t fret.  You can make the most of any space regardless of its size.  To make your home office more functional and more conducive for work, here are some noteworthy suggestions.

Opt for pull-out or roll-out desktops

If the home office set-up you have is but a unused nook or awkward corner in your house, you are probably wishing for more surface area or countertop.  It could be for writing, filing important documents or simply typing in your laptop.  To have more space for working, choose the pull-out or roll-out desktops.  The great thing about this is that you can have more space when you need it, and less when you don’t.

Utilize your walls

You can make the most out of your limited space by utilizing your walls.  Empty walls are great because they have so much potential, particularly when it comes to storage and organization.  Using your walls for the aforementioned reasons is a great idea because they can free up even more surface area, allowing you to have more room to work.

If your home office is a converted closet, opt for horizontal shelving.  Install floating shelves to stash files, books and papers.  Then, organize items such as pens and scissors with the help of horizontal rods.  Have them hung on the rods so they remain easy to reach.

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Speaking of utilizing walls, consider getting a wall-mounted light fixture instead of a desk lamp.  It would be better if the light fixture is that which you can push out of the way when you are not working.

Even if you are lucky to have more space than that of a converted closet, still make use of all available wall space.  For example, you can add shelves above doorways and put a low bookcase below windows.

Do without a door

As much as you would love to have a door, sometimes you just have to forget about getting one.  Typical doors get in the way and can take too much space in your little home office.  So what should you do to have privacy or at least hide your home office set-up from view? Use curtains instead.  For home office spaces made from a converted closet, curtains are most ideal to keep the area hidden when not in use.  If the idea of curtains isn’t appealing to you and you still want to have a door, then opt for the folding or foldable variety.

Choose dual-purpose furniture

When selecting furniture, make sure you get more bang for your buck.  Your wallet—and your home office—will thank you for it.  A piece will be more useful to you and will be a more suitable addition to your small home office if it serves two or several functions.  For instance, you get more value for money if the seat you have chosen also serves as storage.

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