How To Have A Great Shower?

Published on: Sep 28 2013

Having a shower is something we all do every day (allegedly) and there are certain things you can do to make the whole experience that little bit more enjoyable. Everyone needs to shower, it is just something that is a given, if you have access to a shower, you shower.

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Having body odor is a pet hate of mine and many other people, there is just no excuse for not showering and not wearing deodorant. We live in a pretty technologically advanced world and smelling is a rather antiquated personality trait, it is so easy not to smell nowadays, in fact it is more difficult to smell.

Having a shower to many is a treat at the end of a long day or the perfect way to wake yourself up on a morning and thus this article will provide a different angle to the process and will aim to show three ways in which you make shower time that little bit more enjoyable.

New Tools

Investing in some new shower products can be a great way to improve the quality of your shower. A new shower head or a new system can help your enjoyment levels increase dramatically. We live in the internet age and there are so many different companies out there that offer weird and wonderful products for the bathroom.

If you just do a little market research and find out what you want your bathroom to be like then increasing the enjoyment of your shower time won’t be a problem at all.

Shower faucets are a great way to reduce water wastage as you shower and they can help make the whole experience feel that little bit more satisfactory knowing you aren’t wasting water but are still having a great experience.

Salts and Creams

There are many salts and creams you can buy that will make the experience feel a lot better. These products are designed to sooth your skin and reinvigorate your mind, whether they can do the latter is questionable but the former certainly can occur.

It is important to invest some money and time in finding the right product to suit what you want from your shower time. To many this will seem like such a minor point but there are so many high quality products nowadays that it is becoming progressively important.

They are pretty inexpensive so don’t worry about the cost of them and for the fragrant shower experience you will have any cost will certainly be worth it.


This is pivotal, you have got to have the temperature as hot as it can be without being uncomfortable. It’s the only way you can cleanse your skin properly, the steam generate helps clear your pores and it acts like a sauna in some ways.

Obviously showering is a personal experience and I am not by any means forcing you to have a hot shower but I believe that it’s the best way to have a beneficial and enjoyable experience. Nobody likes a cold shower and we live in a world that allows us to have hot showers all year round so why not go for it.


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