How to Choose Bar Stools for Kitchen

Published on: Jan 25 2014

Bar counters have long been introduced to the home kitchens. Their unique ability to zone the space is so important and relevant in the current studio room, with shared kitchen, dining and living area. A breakfast bar is a perfect way out, when the kitchen is so modest size, full dining table that it simply does not fit.
Here are few advices on choosing bar stools:

1. Determine the height of the bar stools
Go from the height of the bar counter. Sitting behind it for you should be as comfortable as in a conventional table so thoroughly measure the height of the seat relative to the floor. If you choose a chair with adjustable height base, your problems are not there in any case. But if you catch the fancy model that does not have such a feature available, it may just be unusable.

2. Consider the style of the room
If the whole house is designed in the classic, it is logical to assume that you will also need stools in classic. Most often they are made of wood, upholstered in leather or thick fabric. Prop them mostly on 4 legs, and sometimes even possible armrests.
If you prefer a more modern design in your kitchen, you can use any barstools, except classical. There are huge selections of bar stools in modern style. This step is important to understand that the choice narrows to modern models.
3. Select a design
Now decide for yourself how long and often you will use bar stools.

In choosing the material note that some of them – such as acrylic or plastic, for example, look very stylish, but they are not strong enough. So if you plan to spend a lot of time on them, choose more durable materials – steel or wood.

The presence of steps in the bar stools are actually necessary for comfortable positioning, so the options without it do not even consider.

Also pay attention to the supporting leg – the most durable options are those that stand on 4 legs. In the case where you have a family is growing, you will need chairs with height adjustment.

Determine how you want to get backrest and armrests. If barstools more decor element and designed for short snack or breakfast, you can choose any design. But when the bar stool and desk replaced dining table, most likely you will need a comfortable place for hanging out – here design must necessarily assume the backrest and armrests – on request.

Question about the frequency of use, ask yourself when deciding if you need a soft padding. It is certainly much nicer to the feelings, rather than just a solid acrylic or wooden chair.

4. Carefully consider the color combination
Start with a color design – it should be in harmony with the other elements in your home. This can be satin, chrome-plated, bronze, gold or other metal. The same applies to the tree and its category.

But the color of the seats or upholstery can be flexible. Keep it in design with the rest of the home textiles – cushions or color lampshade over the dining table. Your fantasy and imagination prompt you the right choice. Just before buying necessarily walk through all the steps described above, again.
5. Test it for comfort
This is the most important selection step. Be sure to sit down on a stool selected. Are you comfortable? If so, buy a chair. Nothing can be more important than your comfort when select furniture.

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