Home Decor – What Is Clutter And What Should You Throw Away?

Published on: Sep 05 2013

When I decide to decorate a room the project tends to end up being a total remodelling rather than a quick lick of paint. Redecorating is a good opportunity to tidy up and discard some clutter too but, as I have discovered, there is a fine line between a de-cluttering and creating a room with no soul. It is the finishing touches that make all the difference so before you throw away any decorative pieces make sure there isn’t still a place for them in your home.

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Spare Bedroom

My recent project to remodel a bedroom effected a total transformation. Like many spare rooms this one had become a dumping ground for anything which didn’t seem to have a home elsewhere resulting in a hotchpotch of mismatched furniture, a miscellany of artwork and cupboards stuffed to the gunnels with everything from clothes to skiing equipment. Guests entered this space at their peril and the room was frankly an embarrassment.


I was beginning to wonder if I was turning into one of those crazy people featured on television programs about hoarding! It was as if I couldn’t bear to throw anything away and so I hid it all in the one room. Enough was enough and having decided to turn the space into a guest room to be proud of, I set about clearing the mountain of assorted furniture and objects d’art that I had manage to accumulate. After an extensive purge and many hours listing items on eBay I started the decorating and after a couple of weeks I found myself standing in a pristine room which looked really perfect. Too perfect! There was nothing homely or personal about the space at all, just newly painted walls, a re-plastered ceiling and carefully positioned matching furniture.

A taste of New England

Having cast aside an Everest of home wares and ornaments I now found myself needing some bits and pieces to bring the place to life. At first glance my New England style room didn’t suit anything that I had thrown away or any other objects that I was likely to find around the house but I was wrong. Secreted in the loft under another pile of discarded ornaments were some beautiful shells collected from a dessert island and a rather nice blue merino throw. I supplemented these with some nautical decorations funded by the eBay sales and a nice picture. The room was now a great success.

Clutter or Treasured Possessions?

Clutter in your home is not a great idea either for your quality of life or for presenting the property for sale but you just have to know that there are some little gems hidden in your hoard. How can you ever decide what will come in handy as tastes and styles change over the years? You can’t hang on to everything each time you redecorate but on the other hand you don’t want to cast off anything special. I guess the best way forward is to keep the things that you really like as the chances are you will find a use for them at some point. Store these out of sight somewhere until you need to call on them again but get rid of everything else. Above all don’t clear your rooms of ornamentation completely because then they simply don’t feel like home.

Sally Stacey is a keen writer and business owner who now divides her time between writing, running her bridal shop and decorating the house

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