Creating A Comfortable Bedroom With Fantastic Furniture

Published on: Sep 05 2013

When it comes to rooms in the home, there are few more frequently used than the bedroom. It’s the room at the centre of the home’s sleeping quarters, a sanctuary where you can escape the troubles of daily life – if just for a couple of hours – and rest. Therefore, it’s important that you get the right kind of appearance and atmosphere. You don’t want to create a room that fills you with a sense of nausea every time you enter.

There are two main elements to a good bedroom – the décor and a good selection of bedroom furniture. You need to strike a balance between the two styles. Whilst it’s okay to mix and match pieces from different periods, art movements, or styles, you need to show a little bit of restraint. Take too much of a free approach to decorating a bedroom, and more than likely you’ll be left with a gaudy mishmash. And worse still you’ll have paid for the privilege.


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As the best interior designer in my own home (well, at least in my own mind, anyway!), I’ve taken some of the most popular styles of bedroom furniture, and produced a guide detailing the features that might make them appeal to you.

Contemporary Furniture For The Bedroom

Most homeowners go for contemporary furniture in the bedroom simply because they don’t want to deviate from the style in the rest of the home – i.e. neutral colours, low-key pieces of furniture, wooden floors. If you like simple, clean finishes, contemporary furniture is the perfect option for your bedroom.

You’ll find pieces manufactured from wood, metal, plastics, as well as some slightly leftfield materials – i.e. recycled goods. Everything is very functional and very subtle – from the heavy usage of straight lines in the designs, right down to the lack of lavish carvings and engravings.

It’s currently extremely popular with homeowners across the country, so you won’t have much trouble finding contemporary beds, wardrobes or chests of drawers at your local home furniture stores.

Country Furniture For The Bedroom

Ruled out by some sections in the past as being too tacky, furniture influenced by the rural home has made a successful return. Though the minor tweaks to the style aren’t going to change the minds of its detractors, this style of furniture is brilliant for creating a cosy, homely atmosphere.

Most home furniture retailers offer a considerable selection of charm-exuding pieces produced from woods, such as pine. If you live in an ultramodern property you might not be able to make the country bedroom look work; however, if you don’t, you’ll be able to create a very special look.

Traditional Furniture For The Bedroom

Like the idea of having a bedroom that allows you to feel like a king or queen – or some of other, more minor form of nobility? Traditional bedroom furniture is immediately the style you should gravitate towards on your next furniture shopping trip (well not literally, because that would be, err, impossible). It’s influenced by a number of classical design periods – French and neo-classical are just two examples, and can bring a hint of luxury from yesteryear to any room.

Louisa Jenkins is a keen blogger and home improvement expert. She often produces buyer’s guides, to help people choose living room furniture, bedroom furniture and more.

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