6 Tips for Designing Restaurants

Published on: May 21 2013

A restaurant’s design is equally important as the served food as it can add sophistication and elegance to the entire place. When designing a restaurant keep in mind the following tips:

1. Welcoming space

It is extremely important for your customers to feel comfortable and welcoming. As you design the restaurant keep in mind the customers you target. Make efforts for the space to be as comfortable as possible for the customers. Beautify the space with chandeliers and candle to come up with a warm and cozy feeling. Customers could be offered complementary soft drinks, cookies, biscuits or bread. When customers feel good in a place, they tend to stay longer and will probably revisit the restaurant.

2. Adequate furniture

Adequate furniture
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Make sure the furniture installed in the restaurant is in accordance with the level of formality and style of the place. Thus, a casual restaurant should have vinyl booths and wooden tables. Extra color can be added to the space with the use tablecloths on the tables.

3. Problem areas

You will not find a bad table in a great restaurant. Restaurants have certain places where customers avoid sitting. These places include the tables next to restrooms, kitchen door and entrance. These places can be eliminated with the use of dividers between tables. You can spot problem areas by analyzing the view by sitting in each seat.

4. Heating and ventilation

To get rid of the smell, smoke and heat from the kitchen use proper ventilation, with hoods and fans. Air conditioning is also vital for any respectable restaurant.

5. Adequate restrooms

Adequate restrooms
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Restrooms need to have every required feature and has to be regularly cleaned. Refill paper products and empty trash cans on a regular basis.

6. Adequate flooring

Adequate flooring
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Install flooring that is resistant to spills, stains and regular traffic and which is easy to clean. Ideal restaurant flooring options include hardwood, linoleum, tile and laminate.

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