5 Top Reasons Why Oak Furniture Is Perfect For Your Kitchen

Published on: Sep 23 2013

Oak FurnitureSource: Flickr

If you’re looking to invest in a new set of kitchen furniture, then making that final decision can be tough. One of the standout materials, though, remains good old fashioned oak.  That’s why we’ve put together this piece looking at the various plus points that traditional timber can offer you:

It looks stunning. 

Aesthetics matter!  Genuine oak furniture is one of the most stylish materials available in the modern design market, and has been for a good twenty years or more.  The look it creates is absolutely timeless, and never goes out of fashion.  Genuine timbers carry a rich, authoritative look that makes them ideal for use in the kitchen.  They also portray a sense of warmth, which will perfectly suit an environment in which you’re going to be whipping up tasty meals for the family!  This welcoming feel can turn your kitchen into somewhere you’d genuinely want to spend time, as well as just somewhere where you eat.

It’s versatile. 

The constant in-and-out mentality of interior design fashion can make it tricky to decide what to spend your money on.  After all, no-one wants to invest a few thousand pounds into the trendiest material, only for it to fall out of fashion six months later!  Oak furniture is like the black suit – it never goes out of style.  As well as this, it’s also versatile in terms of the designs that it can be used with.  An oak table will work as well in a contemporary kitchen as it would within a more traditional aesthetic.

It’s extremely durable.  

Within the kitchen, there’s a great potential for furniture to become damaged.  Knives, forks, glasses, hot plates and liquids that stain are always in abundance, and it’s easy for accidents to occur in a busy family kitchen.  Whilst you can help protect your furniture by using mats, coasters and tablecloths, it’s nice knowing that you’ve got a table which will go the distance.  English oak is renowned as being an incredibly long-lasting, durable material – it was, after all, used to build ships in the middle ages.  If it’s strong enough for that, it’s strong enough to last a good thirty years in your kitchen!

oak kitchen furnitureSource: Flickr

It’s environmentally friendly. 

Every home owner in the modern day should be looking to do their bit to help the environment.  One of the most effective ways to do this is to ensure that the materials used in constructing the furniture were sourced responsibly.  Fortunately, oak is a wood that’s easily track-able, with almost all reputed vendors doing their bit to help keep the planet healthy.  The key to this is to look for certification from the Forest Stewardship Council, an organisation whose mission statement is “Promoting the responsible management of forests worldwide”.  Any company with this certification is focused on sourcing their wood both legally and ethically, so you’ll know that when you buy their goods, you’re doing your bit.

It’s easy to maintain. 

Whilst a bit of cleaning here and there is no real hassle, it’s nice to know that any furniture you’ve invested in won’t require ongoing, constant maintenance.  Oak furniture is typically quite easy to keep in tip-top condition, with general polish more than enough to keep it sparkling keen on a day-to-day basis.  Even if you want to go the whole hog and make use of oils to help maintain the condition, you won’t have to do so too often – once application a week is more than enough for a table that’s used every day.

Nick and Rebecca manage Rustic Oak, a leading UK supplier of stunning bespoke oak furniture. The team have created a huge range of kitchen furniture for customers looking to incorporate this timeless timber into their own home.

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