4 Practical Tips For Making Your Home Safe For Baby

Published on: Sep 23 2013

Having a baby comes with immense responsibility for parents. Owning a house is tremendous as parents, but comes with a lot of immediate hazards. No one wishes to see their baby get hurt or fall ill because the house was not “baby proofed”. Parents should complete their research and ensure the house is not a danger for the baby. This piece will pinpoint helpful tips for parents to consider and implement in their own home.

Locks on Drawers

Babies will often be curious about the world around them and this leads to creative ways of getting into dangerous places. Drawers are one place where many incidents can occur and it is important as parents to lock them up. Drawers should not be easy to open for a baby.

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Many babies will see their fingers get caught in the drawers and this can lead to serious injury. It is important for parents to note down and lock all of their drawers beforehand. No parent wishes to see their baby get hurt in such unfortunate circumstances.

Covering Up Electrical Sockets

Electrical sockets are another cause for concern with babies. They will love crawling around and sticking their hands in random places. Unfortunately, electrical sockets are often placed in an ‘easy to reach’ place from a baby’s point of view.

This is why it is essential to get on all fours and start looking around for any safety hazards from a baby’s point of view. Many adults will miss signs because they are looking at their house from an adult’s viewpoint.

Electrical sockets are often one place that are missed by parents until it is too late. Get covers for the electrical sockets and ensure they are protected at all times.

Do Not Place Crib Near Window

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the placement of the crib is often overlooked when designing the nursery. Most parents will simply look at the aesthetic appeal of their set-up and leave it at that. Yet, there are safety concerns involved with placing a crib/bed near a window.

The young baby can crawl out and try to unhinge the window. If it the window is open, this can lead to the baby getting hurt.

Always look to place the crib in the center of a room or against the wall. The window should not be near the crib/bed.

Also, remember to check the crib’s bars. Are they wide enough to possibly let the baby’s head slide through and get stuck? The bar’s should be close together as many baby’s love popping their head through the gaps and could get hurt.

Concluding Thoughts

These are a few tips that parents can immediately implement to ensure their baby is safe. Many things are overlooked during the ‘baby proofing’ process and completing research on the topic can go a long way. There are countless aspects of the house that should be taken care of before letting the baby wander around.

Never assume a baby will not go into certain areas. They will not care for their own safety and are naturally curious. Always think “safety first”.

Mick Chan has been working in home safety and emergency industry for more than five years. He is the product manager for ESafetySupplies, a safety equipment company based in City of Industry, CA. He likes to write and share his ideas about the importance of safety.

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